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  1. Hello, My name is Ryan Bayne and I'm currently designing a logo for fordmondeo.org forums. The designs are only concepts and many variations have been created. Not all will be used so I'm offering a logo to you at just £20 or just £10 if we could set an agreement to put a link on each others website. The designs can be changed to suit your site during the second phase of their development which is to happen now. Please visit the link below to see where you can view the designs so far... http://www.webtechglobal.co.uk/?page=pf/pf_logos If your interested in any of them please let me know asap as they are being made available for sale to general public soon. If members of the forum could provide feedback on changes to any of the designs to suit your forum that would be great. If someone would like to donate the funds to buy the Logo that would be alright. I was thinking it could be place on the far right of your site and some greys put in. Thank you for your time everyone. Kinds Regards Ryan