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  1. Got the Fiesta sorted. For now..... Just bought a Focus C Max as my daily driver. It's an 05 reg 1.6 petrol LX, silver. The bodywork's a bit battered and bruised and the seats need a good clean but it's only done 63 000 miles and I got it for £1150 so I'm a happy man. I'll stick some pics in the C Max section when I've taken some :)
  2. Is that it?! What a plum. Thanks
  3. Hi all, found this site when hunting for info about a family member's Fiesta so have joined up. I've owned many Fords over the years, my first being a P reg MKII Escort 1300. Had various others including a 3.0S Capri and another MKII Escort which we stuffed a twin cam Alfa Romeo engine into back in the day. These days I run an 02 reg Mondeo estate tdci 130 Ghia, had it for over three years. Next year will be looking to buy a Mondeo ST220 for my weekend toy. Looking forward to joining in with this site 8)
  4. Hi all, please don't laugh but went under the bonnet of a family member's 03 reg Fiesta 1.3 to take out the spark plugs and couldn't work out how to get the engine cover off. I'm sure it's simple but I'll be b*ggered if I can see how to do it. All help appreciated, tia :)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Trigger1010 :)

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