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  1. I have just purchased a 2003 Fusion 3 TDCi as a family runaround, my old MX5 was becoming too expensive to run and the extras seats will come in handy! The car I have bought has a few niggles and isn't perfect, I'll sort them as and when I can, the battery in the key was dead, I've replaced the battery and resynced the fob, so first job done! The air con and recirculate buttons on the dash don't seem to do anything, there is no noise or rev drop when I try to activate the air con, and the recirculate light doesn't light up. Come to mention it, the right hand knob (that directs the air flow) doesn't seem to work either - it moves but doesn't change where the air goes. Has anybody had anything similar to this in the past? Is there a guide anywhere for removing the centre of the dash? Thanks, Tom
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