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  1. Difference

    The insurance is negligible. £25. Seeing as i am 19 i will be doing a bit of everything. College - which is down the motorway and a roads. Work - Dual carriageway. Football - Motorway again Running around - everyroad. I was just wondering, because i have seen a nice 1.25 Stlye climate that i like. Will cost me £4500. or would i be better off waiting for a 1.4 Zetec Climate to come round?
  2. Difference

    I have found them both in the Zetec, but before i commit to buying one (old style) i was just wondering what the difference is. Top speed. Acceleration wise. Etc.
  3. Difference

  4. opinions on my fiesta

    Not 100% sure about the shape at the back.
  5. opinions on my fiesta

    Looks real nice mate. Nice buy. Although personally im not 100% sure if i like the new fiesta's or not.
  6. Difference

    Hi. Im looking into buy a Ford Fiesta and i have found one i like but its a 1.25 Style climate. My dad is advising me to get a 1.4. All i was wondering is if their is a major difference between a 1.25 and a 1.4. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Joe.