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  1. Hi All, I am looking at some on eBay but how do I know if they are the right ones given that there were some changes to the gearboxes over the years (mine is the one with the crappy design that, iirc, they stopped using). Thanks
  2. 2005 Auto Gearbox Dead?

    Ok, this is my Focus 1.6 Auto 2005 dashboard below. Clearly all is not well. The issue is that when accelerating in 2nd it changes up to 3rd but then immedfiately slows. Reverse and everything else seems ok. I have read a fair bit about these gearboxes, from the horror stories to the 'I fixed it for 20p'. Has anyone else had siimilar issues and how fixable does it look/sound? http://
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Frimley111R :)

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