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  1. Thanks for the reply. If i went back and worked out just how much has been spent on the car over the years i would probably turn green. One of the biggest would be its visit to the body shop not long after getting as it was in a very sorry looking state. Running wise in the the years the only failures have been rusty brake pipes. new starter and alternator. Plus your normal wear and tear tyres brake pads e.t.c.. been a very reliable car.
  2. Just signed up and still looking around the forums. Look forward to talking to people here. Here are a few pics of my Fiesta that i have owned for 10 years so far. 1990 XR2i 8v With pages of modifications over the years.
  3. From the album MK3 Fiesta XR2i

  4. From the album MK3 Fiesta XR2i

  5. From the album MK3 Fiesta XR2i

  6. From the album MK3 Fiesta XR2i

  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Cybermods :)

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