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  1. The steering wheel could apparently seize.
  2. I am asking this question for the sake of my Dad. He owns a Focus - I think its 2004 or 05 and he has been having quite a few issues with it especially the steering wheel which has been playing up and he has been told by a mechanic that the wheel could suddenly lock whilst driving along. To me this sounds like a potential death trap as obviously if it looked whilst driving around a corner at any speed then this is going to cause a potentially fatal crash not just to him but to others too. Surely, this can't actually happen and it would just lose its power steering? Can someone please confirm whether this could happen as I am really worried about him. He can't afford to have the car fixed and he can't afford a new one so he is in a dilemma as he needs a car to get to work and so he insists on keeping on driving it.
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