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  1. Misfire/knocking/power loss

    Ah fab thankyou. Howcome you have to change both sides? If you find out that would be great, if not it's fine. I'll just get the other stuff sorted n hope it's fine haha thankyou :) x
  2. Hey :) I've got a fod ka, 1999 and lately when changing gear, especially putting it in first it jumps, as if it's going to stall. It also looses power randomly when i put it in 2nd or 3rd gear, sometimes cuts out and sometimes sorts itself out. Don't suppose anyone knows what could be up with it? I've taken it to the garage and they said they can't find a problem with it. Had new leads and a new coil pack. There's also a knocking on the driver's side, specially going over any sort of bumps in the the road. Anyone else have the same problems? Thanks :) x