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  1. Aye. ill have a think :P
  2. I was going to route the cable from a rear ipod port on a headunit through to the glove box. not sure what else to do :/
  3. Yeh it's just a Jack. I know it doesn't charge iPod. It I'd like something that does.. Preferably a head unit with a rear iPod connector .. I hate wires :/
  4. Ive just got my new zetec s mk6 but i'm after a double din unit to be able to hook my ipod up. I have the aux connection but ipod doesnt charge on it :( any suggestions? pics? cheers Tom
  5. okay thank you!
  6. I've had an extensive look and can't find the colour match.
  7. And also the plastic trim thats half way up the doors .. no idea the technical name of them lol
  8. I've got a focus TDCi 2003 in grey, K1 is the colour code. I need a new drivers rear door and quarter(with fuel cap) Anyone know of any decent sites/dealers? Cheers in advanced Tom
  9. ah right, i havnt really used tcut before. would you say tcut or g3?
  10. well i forgot the photos. but ive spent the best part of 3 hours polishing it... alot of the smaller scratches are either gone(or seem to have) or hidden :) - i think for the bigger ones like the one on my boot, i'll possibly need a scratch compound? as polish isnt doint anything to it.
  11. Okays :) well my dad does alot of work too and he said autoglym is brill stuff.. same with the meguires scratch X, he uses G3 ? - but its the same job. ill pick some up :) thanks for all the help bud and ill add b4 and after photos :)
  12. Okay sweet. So I find some auto glym stuff that should do the trick ? I don't like the idea of t cut or scratch compounds:/
  13. Not all bad news then :) can u recommend a good polish ? Aye the dens and scratches down the side I'll need some help with but the other scratches I can probably manage myself :) Thanks for the help ! Ps , its a fiesta ;) and my mum got it just as a wrote off my first car (a rather brief encounter with a deer, joys of living in the sticks ) ... " er Tom, I just got a new car, not the best thing u wanna hear after crashing one " haha
  14. "ding in the front, a lump on the bonnet and blood on the windscreen still" pretty much describes my car.. had someone go down the side of my drivers side... ive managed to replace the front wing and drivers door but cant find cheap rear quarter(with fuel cap) and rear drivers side door :/ pics should be up now
  15. aye i know right!! mines right in my line of view, however living in the sticks, i hit a lot of flies so they soon make it hidden :D