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  1. New Fiesta questions

    Thanks for all your replies. I reprogrammed my central locking (on a 3-door) without problem. No idea why they took it out of the manual...
  2. New Fiesta questions

    Hi Just got a new Fiesta Zetec and the manual is not clear on a couple of points:- 1 - Does the audio system have a keycode? The salesman in the dealership reckons it doesn't but he didn't seem to know much about the new model. 2 - The manual mentions it is possible to reprogram the key fob so that pressing the unlock button once only unlocks the drivers door - but doesn't say how... Anyone got the answer? The book says to ask the dealer, but based on the salesman's knowledge I thought I'd ask here first! Finally, has anyone managed to get a better deal on the new model? I managed to haggle the price to £9695 cash for a 1.25 Zetec 3 door petrol with bluetooth/voice control and metallic paint. I think I did quite well as the first chap in the dealership was asking over £11k :P