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  1. radio code

  2. Hi folks My daughter's Mondeo used to start first turn of the key every time ,but lately it has to been turned over quite a lot to get it started ,then its with a puff of black smoke and a strong smell of petrol,checked the air filter but it was pretty clean ,took the plugs out and replaced them ,checked them again a couple of days later to find them sooted up ,she also says it is using more petrol than it used too, so i guess its something to do with the mixture or something along those lines ,its a 51 plate 2.0 ltr ,thanks in advance for any advice ,Steve
  3. radio code

    Hi, Try 1214 good luck.
  4. ford focus

    Hi Try Code 7728
  5. ford focus

  6. mondeo radio code

    Please try 2793 ,and good luck,let us know if it worked .