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  1. Fiesta Bulbs List

    hi wanting to swap out indicator bulbs for led bulbs how do i prevent rapid flashing on my fiesta metal 62
  2. Indicator Relay Mk7?

    Hi Looking to change indicator relay so can put led bulbs in and don't want to be messing with resistors. I have searched interweb but can't find location or does it even has one any help much appreciated. cheers marc
  3. marcs stuff

  4. Mist Style Washers

    looking to swap my fiesta metals jet style washers :( for mist style :D can anyone give me part numbers or link as to where available. Also not sure if heated or not. cheers marc
  5. Fiesta Bulbs List

    Just got 62 plate metal wanting to change side light bulbs do they need to be canbus or not told different things from different sellers
  6. Howdy

    Returnig to ford just purchased 62 fiesta metal. Previous fords include mk1 escort 1300, mk2 escort 1600 ghia, mk1 fiesta 1300 supersport, mk3/4 not sure f reg xr2, 1992 orion efi ghia. glad to be back after a wild ride around japan (nissan gtir) marc