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  1. Right so I have checked again, It is definitely water I have tasted it, it is falling just behind the front wheels, the was a small pool of water just to the right of the right windscreen arm mounting. by 3 little things. I have taken a picture of the "3 little things" and the puddle and the air con pipes, it is still dripping now but only once every minute or 2 and the air con pipes (which I have included a pic of) are bone dry.
  2. Right so I have had a look, I don't think the air con is on constantly now because with the bonnet up I can hear it clicking when I switch the air con on. It is definitely dripping water, I have checked my coolant level and that is exactly where it was before as well. I am at a loss as to where this water is coming from and why the fan comes on when I start the car up. The drip is originating further back than the engine is and I have had a look round the back of the engine and I can't see any water bar a little bit of condensation of the aircon pipes but I wouldn't say that would be enough to explain the amount of water dripping as its a couple of drops every 3 seconds.
  3. Ok thanks I will have a look at it today and come back to you.
  4. Mine is the manual one. Yea the leak does seem to be clean water. When I say switched off I mean on the centre console the AC light is off. but when I turn it on I don't really notice any different but like I say I think it may be on constant. I might have a look in the Haynes manual and just remove the fuse for the air con and see that way as I know that there can be a fault with the centre console which it can say the air con if off but its not. Did you see the video I uploaded?
  5. Hi Wase16ll, Thanks for commenting, the thing is on the dash the air con isn't switched on but I have been suspecting that its on constantly anyway is there a way I can make sure its not coming on i.e. unplug it some where or remove the fuse for it?
  6. OPS I forgot to post the link. see below I'd be grate for any help. Thanks.
  7. Hey all, I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 LX 2003. I have a leak underneath the car, it looks like coolant and I have managed to get a video which I have uploaded to YouTube, I also have an issue which I am not sure about whether its related but the rad fan comes on even when I first start the car, it can go off for a few seconds but it soon comes back on. Help please guys I have only had the car a few weeks.