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  1. Fiesta Mk6 Juddering- Please Read

    Thanks for the reply but I'm 95% it's nothing to so with the clutch, no smell from the clutch, I've had clutches go before and this is not showing any signs of failure. The cars done 71k btw
  2. Hi there, my fiesta mk6 has a rather odd issue and I was hoping someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction. It's a 1.4 16v and it's developed what I can only describe as a hesitation or judder, driving on my own will see this happen only a few times per journey and not really noticeable, now this is where it gets odd... The more people in the car the more the hesitation/judder shows it's ugly head. Seems to be worse going up hills as well. Now I've had it on a friends code reader and nothing, and also there is never any display of an engine warning light. Has anyone ever experienced such issues? And is there a solution? Thank you in advance