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  1. Hi All, I have been working on my MK6 ford escort for a while now and i took the back seat up last night and the bench seat hing come off :(. Its the one of the passenger side and it looks like where the seat meats the hinge. How would i go about fixing this. I cant see any screws so i am going to guess it was wielded on :(.
  2. Where Is My Reverse Switch

    Hi all ive been doing some work to my car and the revese lights have now packed up they work for a miller second when i put it in revese then die out so i have traced this back to the reverse switch. Now here is my problum i can find the fecking thing ive checked the gear box and i cant see anything that looks like it. I was wondering does anyone have a pic of where this baby would be i currently have a Ford escort 1.6 16v Zetec