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  1. I brought this I want it coming out of the bottom, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Plus I don't have a drill at home. Be grateful if you can tell me how you can get access to the bottom tray to make a hole to feed through the cable.
  2. Cable arrived today and plugged it in. I now have a working AUX connection. Cable running down the passenger side of the centre console. Not Ideal but will do when I figure out a more tidy way of doing it.
  3. I have pulled out the radio again today to have another look and I guess the plug for the AUX is plugged in. I have ordered a plug with a cable already attached from ebay. I
  4. The image is very helpful. I only looked at the back of the radio and not a separate block. I did see similar wires plugged into the back of the radio and into the aux connector in the glove box, 3 into a block. Have another look later today.
  5. I think it just says "AUX"
  6. AUX selected. This is the radio I have
  7. Hello, I have purchased a 2009 1.6 Zetec Mk 2.5 this Saturday. I quickly noticed a AUX port in the glove box which my MK1.5 did not have. Radio is 6000CD I have plugged my phone into the port with the AUX option selected. Phone media audio set to full volume and I hear nothing. I have pulled the glove box out to check the wiring and it appears to be secure. Had a colleague of mine plugin his phone with same result. I pulled out the radio unit to check behind that and nothing appeared to be loose or not connected. However I don't know what wire was for the AUX port. Have tested the cable and that works fine. Any suggestions? New AUX port? Thanks Neal