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  1. Xenon Headlights

    Hello, I've got a 2005 Focus with xenon headlights. The lights seem to shine too close to the car. This isn't noticeable in a 30 area, but the second I'm on a 40 or National road I find the area of illumination too small and find it difficult to keep up to speed and still feel safe. I can't find anything anywhere about adjusting them. Is this something that a garage would be able to do? Cheers, Brian.
  2. 2005 Focus Stereo - Connect iPod?

    Ah - didn't check when I test drove it. Collecting it tonight so I will have a look! May have to have a look at those iTrip things if not. Don't like faffing around with CDs - usually end up scratched in my car if I do!
  3. Hello, Just bought a 2005 Focus Titanium (2.0 TDCi). I'm collecting it on Thursday so have yet to have a proper play with the stereo. However, I was wondering if it was possible to connect an iPod (Classic) to the stereo directly? I know some stereos allow a cable to run from the back of the head unit to the glove compartment with basic controls available through the head unit. Wishful thinking maybe...! Cheers, Brian.