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  1. Foc Gta 5 Crew

    lewisd1992 on PS3... hope we can get this going !
  2. Yeah I've already had the thing out.... And I installed the same stereo in my old VW Polo about 6 months ago so shouldn't be too much trouble. Thanks again :)
  3. Thanks a lot for your help ! Hopefully I can change it over without any problems
  4. As well as the two cables you suggested earlier, would I not be able to get this faceplate alone? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/con-ct24fd28-ct24fd28-facia-plate-for-ford-focus-c-max-fiesta-fusion.html 68 quid seems a lot for what they're offering!
  5. Cheers, just what I need. Now I just need to find a suitable facia plate.
  6. Hi guys, Bare with me as I've just joined the site and this is my first post... I currently own a 2008 Fiesta Zetec and I'm hoping to replace my current stereo (6000 CD), with a previous stereo (SONY CDX-GT560UI) as it has more connectivity. Now I know I am going to have to fit a fascia on before I can fit my stereo but I just need some advice on the installation/setup. As I've just found out, one of the two cables coming out of the back of the 6000 CD doesn't fit in the back of the Sony stereo - Is there an adapter available for this? Also, I want to somehow configure the steering wheel controls to be functional on the Sony stereo, would I need an adaptor for this, if so which one? I have attached two photo's of the Sony stereo I hope to install. Thanks for your help in advance.
  7. Ford Fiesta Zetec 2008