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  1. sorry to Lenny you can always get another one in the future best of luck with everything
  2. Stupid phone double post sorry
  3. I know Toyota are a pain for that but the guys here in limerick are ok they don't ask for full payment up front tho if you ever need some work done to the Levin let me know i will be happy to help you out
  4. Lenny i can take a spin to yours and do the cv boot for ya as i have a few which will save labour cost you have my number
  5. Lenny don't use 5w30 its to light of grade of oil use 10w40 castrol i am using it with no problems
  6. Well Lenny how ya getting on with the emissions check for leaks at the flanges by the cat the cat could be goosed and look into a company called terraclean congrats on the news
  7. 50 quid thats cheap the lowest i have seen is 110
  8. i am after the same lights but they are hard enough to find in good i might end up taking apart mine and painting them black
  9. i am going for the same one as you and i am not a fan of the other one and thats prefect with me and with the rear lights i think the levin ones are nicer looking then the thunders ones and please you are keeping the car black and not going white
  10. looking good bud and let me know when you are getting the rear lip we could get them together and save a bit on postage cost
  11. i delimited mine the other day with a apexi rsm and it was saying i was travel at 220 kmh :-)
  12. are you going to delimited it lenny
  13. varex exhaust sounds good the exhaust i got from you is loud and i decated mine and i have the exhaust control valve in mine just befroe the the back box it some diffenernce to the sound nice and quiet when i want it to be
  14. looking good lenny where did you find the trd spoiler