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  1. Oil Warning now reset using gas and brake pedal
  2. Will try that, I may have been doing it wrong by pressing clutch and brake
  3. yes all doors shut
  4. I have a service oil warning light coming on whenever I start the car. I have tried the clutch and brake pedal solution for removing it but to no avail. Does this warning signify some sort of problem or is it just a timing thing for an oil change? The model is a 1.6 TDCI Focus Sport
  5. The problem is solved, it seems that in the past a new windscreen had been fitted and when it was done they trapped the heated washer wires against the bonnet hinge and over the years it wore the cable
  6. Auto electrician coming on Wednesday, so we will see
  7. After having replaced the pump and the switch, the car still blows the 15 amp fuse as soon as I turn the ignition on. Have called an auto electrician to see if he can come to the route of the problem
  8. How do I go about removing the wiper stalk on a 2011 focus (2.5)? I have taken the cover off the top and can see a small torx screw on the side at the top,does this nee to be removed? I have been having problems with my wiper jets not working (see previous post) Thanks in advance
  9. Sonic 113 The fuse blows when I try the front washers. I have blown 3 so far
  10. Sonic 113 Thanks for your reply.I have fitted a different pump from a breakers and still no luck.The fuse 15 amp keeps blowing when I press the washer button. Could it be the button shorting?
  11. Hi I am having a problem with my washer jets. When I push the button on the stalk, I hear no noise from the pump.Also the wipers don't move. I checked the fuse (137) and replaced it due to it being blown but still no pump sound. The wipers work front and rear but with no washers Any ideas?
  12. Sorry forgot to mention's 58000
  13. My 2.5 Sport is due for a service but I don't know which service to have. the last service was carried out by a Main ford agent and was a full service. Has anybody used Service Stop? They are quoting £64.10 For an interim service and £103.78 for a full service. These prices are below what a main dealer would charge and they stamp the service book for you and also collect and deliver the car back. They say they do it to manufactures spec. Any opinions?
  14. Had the tracking checked and it was 3 degrees out on the front near side all the rest were ok inc back. see if this improves woolly steering
  15. the wear is across the tyre,it has worn notably more than the other side