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    hi im new here and thought id ask sum basic questions so bare with me if theyve been asked before. I have a 2005 ford fiesta 1.25 style in silver, so onwards with questions:- Im looking at fitting wolfrace a148 alloys in black are these a good alloy wheel anything better for a simler price. Also where would the cheapest and easyest place to buy them from(im in warrington so anywhere i could drive to that would save me courier prices) Second question air filters are k/n & piper cross replacement filters worth the extra money compared to the ordinary paper filter, what kind of gains am i looking at 2-3bhp? im guessing. Or would it be better to complety tear the airbox out and fit an open face induction kit, what kind of gains would i recieve from that and as theres more air coming in would i need to remap the engine to stop it running lean. Finally the standard sound system can i do anything to it without removing the whole lot and buying a new cd player. can i connect an amp to it or would have to gain an enginnering degree in rewiring and require major cutting up of the wirring sytem? Thanks for any answers that come sean