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  1. Mondeo 03> onwards will need to be Ghia spec. Mind the windscreen mount is different too
  2. Look like it but the orange wire isn't normally there it is normally a green wire with a black trace and connector is usually black.....
  3. That looks good....well done
  4. Have used this in the past, dunno how readily available it is where you are.
  5. Let's us know if everything goes okay.
  6. Kl, elm config should do the swap over easy
  7. And no different between Petrol and Diesel, as the GEM in mine came from a 1.8 TDCi, just got save all your current GEM setting all 3pages and upload\write to your new GEM.
  8. Noticed on your pictures you posted up of your GEM module, looks like that black plug on the upper left, looms like you have the wiring and not the pins(the 2 missing ones) on the GEM, these are needed for the rain sensor and the auto headlights. So the link I posted up and is the one your watching may well be the one that you need, as it has all the pins populated for that connector.
  9. ∆∆∆ is correct for your year ∆∆∆
  10. Should be, think this one has all the required pins
  11. That's a pain.....can you not get a breakers yard to salvage a screen and get it fitted?
  12. I gather windscreen replacement isn't covered on your car insurance wherever you are?
  13. As well as the mirror. ..
  14. Your better to get a new windscreen as the mount for the rain senor is bonded to the screen.