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  1. The Capri is quicker in a straight line, but the sierra would have it in the corners easily. Once you get used to how a capri drives they handle very well for a car with a live axle and leaf springs... my Capri has the same cosworth engine in it that im pulling out of this scorpio and gets mid 13 second 1/4 miles at santa pod
  2. Yea but nothing too drastic, the paint is becoming a little thin in places after 26 years of being polished no doubt so a blow over respray is in order. Also I purchased a Scorpio Cosworth estate the other day for the engine so that will be going in at some point..
  3. Thanks guys I'm glad you all like the cars :-)
  4. Hey guys just joined and thought I would share my new toy with you all... Koni adjustable suspension front and back.. Hope you all like it! I love it to bits, sticks to the road like shi...well a very sticky thing to a blanket Other cars in my collection include a Capri 2.9 24v Cosworth & a Fiesta RS1800