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  1. Can anyone recomend somewhere in the west midlands to get my focus 1.8 TDCI cambelt changed please?
  2. Halfords Autocentres

    So glad i didnt just book my car in before asking everyone on here Thanks everyone, i certainly wont be using halfrauds for any repairs lol Gotta look out for them on watchdog too
  3. Halfords Autocentres

    Anyone had a cambelt changed there? I heard they can be pricey and they make up extra jobs to bump the total price up lol
  4. Can anybody tell me how much they paid to have the cambelt changed, i have a 1.8 TDCI and live in west Bromwich, west midlands. I haven't got a clue what garage would be able to do this as most garages i know only do basic repairs Thanks guys