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  1. Oh cr*p, a didn't know you're talkin' about MK3 :). ELMconfig and MK3 works not, of course. But on MK2/2.5 works fine. Sorry for confusion.
  2. is 7 km/h :). Translate it to imperial units by yourself :). But target speed can be changed via elmconfig.
  3. Hello, I've tried to change IPC in my Focus II from pre-facelift (green) to post-facelift (red). So I've print-screened configuration the old one in ELMconfig and set up the new one. But I probably messed something and there is no way to configure PATS in the new IPC. So now I need to bring the new one in factory state (load as-built data), but I don't know VIN of the car, where the new IPC was. OR, if I load a new firmware into new one, will I be able to program PATS? The new one No. is: 8V4T-10849-GJ S/N: KTVC1K89H thx