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  1. Fiesta zetec 1.25 Tourqe settings help.

    Ok, Cheers. Ill do that and do it incresements of 5 nm so there is no pressure point on the cam at any one time. Cheers. What about the torque settings for the cam bolts? Do they have that? Cheers again.
  2. Fiesta zetec 1.25 Tourqe settings help.

    Does the cam caps need tightening in any specific order???
  3. Hi, I have a fiesta Zetec 1.25 1999 (T reg) And the head gasket has gone, I have sent the head off for skimming ect, Head bolts, new head gasket set at the ready And i have the tourqe wrench and the degree disc at the ready Just one thing thats holding me up! Would someone one here have the cylinder head tourqe settings and the sequence in which it should be tightend? Also the tourqe settings and sequence for the cam caps would also help me. ;) Many thanks in advance Guys.
  4. Front seat backrest lever

    How did you replace the cables or did you not need to? The cables on father in laws car have snapped and need replacing.
  5. Front seat backrest lever

    Yes mate my father in law has one of these and the relese cables have snapped on both seats and he cant get no one in the back and were not sure how they repair?
  6. Hi Guys, I have a 3 door mk6 fiesta 04 Reg, And on both the drivers and passangers seat the cable that releases the seat for it to tilt forward have broken, So therefor i am unable to use the c ar at present as i cant get the rest of the family in without climbing over the seats. So i have removed the one seat and i cant see how the cable can be replaced as i dont know how the plastic surround around the lifting leaver is fitted. Does anyone know how these new cables can be fitted and do i need to remove the lifting leaver and Surround and ifso does anyone know how i do so?? Cheers in Advance.