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  1. @Fleminism @SOADDICTED_ @TurntPepe 😂😂😂😂

  2. The Honda crv advert is a mega mind !Removed!.....

  3. RT @UnrevealedFacts: On average, Americans eat 18 acres of pizza everyday.

  4. think its time to finally give in the battle and just get a new phone :/

  5. Fiesta Zetec S Fuse Problems

    disconected the battery for 10 mins + and still nothing :( anyone else got any ideas?
  6. haha never laughed so much playing tennis on gta! @Ollie_Bennett

  7. Fiesta Zetec S Fuse Problems

    okay mate ill give that a go tomorrow! cheers :D
  8. Fiesta Zetec S Fuse Problems

    Hi there! i purchased a new interior bulb for my 2006 zetec s last week and went about fitting it at the weekend, me being silly managed to short the whole thing out and blew the fuse! to start with i had no idea what fuse did the interior light so i was pulling a few out and checking them to make sure they werent blown, anyway got a new horn fuse and sorted the interior light! now i've got a problem of every time i turn my car off the trip and everything else resets itself? also when i open my door with my head lights on and car off it makes no noise, could this just be a case of new fuses or is it something more serious? any help is appreciated, thanks :)
  9. I think its official, I'm now a Robson & Jerome fan!