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  1. Leaking Roof Gutter On Grande Cmax

    Hiya, Tried to clear out any bits of leaves and rubbish from the gutter with a brush. Noticed a bit of a reduction in the trickle inside. I gave the black plastic trim a good pull today and have realised they are just stick down with blobs of mastic. There are two tori headed screws at the back of the gutter so I think my next thing is the see if the water is getting in around the screws. The only worry is that I don't know what they hold. Think I'm on the way to finding the problem now though. Cheers Jeff
  2. Leaking Roof Gutter On Grande Cmax

    Ok but how do I loosen screws? Do I have to remove head lining?
  3. Hiya all, I have a 2011 grande cmax which leaks water into the spare wheel space. I have had no luck with ford as they only cover leaks for 12 months! I have traced the leak to the back end of TE black trim on the roof gutter. I can see it running down the inside of the car. No leak when the hose is put anywhere lower than the roof. My car has a black flat trim instead of the roof bars. Does anyone know how to take these black plastic trims off so that I can see where the leak is? From experience these trims are not the kind of thing which is best levered off with a screwdriver. Amy help would be great. Jeff