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  1. Hi Welcome
  2. Hi Welcome
  3. Hi Welcome
  4. I had same thing happen to mine cut mine out with red hot knife i now check it every week
  5. Hi Welcome
  6. electric chair
  7. cardboard cutout
  8. Hi

    Hi Welcome
  9. i think you have got a good deal on all that you bought as for the spray its wd 40 or copper grease
  10. Hi Welcome
  11. open your bonnet then just let it rest open then lock the car with the remote give it a minute then rise the bonnet it should go off
  12. it protects the rear floor from the heat of the exhaust no need to renew it just put bigger washer than the holes in it re fix it its will fine to drive without it some members actually take it off and leave it off I put mine back on as its part of the car