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  1. Mudflaps For 2009 Zetec S

    Thanks for your replies will look at the two types.Cheers
  2. Mudflaps For 2009 Zetec S

    Hi I want to fit mudflaps to my zetec s but all the ones ive seen say will not fit on models with sideskirts.Does anyone know if they are available for this model,any help would be great.Many thanks Clive.
  3. Video - Fiesta Mk7 - Cabin Filter Change

    This guide is great,its an easy job thanks to this guide.Mine was blocked.and now blows much better.Thanks.Clive
  4. Radiator Fan

    Thanks for your input. great response .
  5. Radiator Fan

    Hi all having recently purchased my 2009 Zetec S I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. There is no petrol cap under the flap is this right. Also the radiator fan runs as soon as the engine starts. I was wondering is this right. I hope someone out there can advise. Thanks Clive
  6. Newbie

    Hi my name is clive I live in Cardiff and drive a 2009 fiesta zetec S