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  1. R.i.p Fiesta

    I had an Astra for 4 long years and was so glad to get my Fiesta. Do not miss the Astra at all!
  2. New Fiesta, Underpowered?

    I'd been fancying a Fiesta for a while as couldn't wait to get rid of sluggish Astra. Did think about downsizing to a Ka, but the one I took on a test drive was sluggish as hell. Made sure I gave the 1.0 ecoboost a bit of a thrashing on test drive and was really impressed. After reading reviews, went for the 99 hp. Having had some issues changing gear recently (broken wrist recovery) I found the car coped going from 1st to 3rd gears going up hills! Car has easily handled a trip to York and has another long trip ahead of her this weekend! So far, glad I opted for the 1 litre, no road tax and nippy for running around town. OP, definitely try and convince your wife to take your car, but don't let her drive your new one ;)
  3. Thanks for this! Google is fab :). Picked up my new Fiesta on 1st September but have only started to drive it as I broke my wrist grrrr. Blaming the other half for breaking the one touch, but it's now working a treat. I can see my evening will be spent looking through the forum :)