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  1. Hiya All

    I've got to keep the Evo for a bit longer for financial reasons or I would have been
  2. Hiya All

    Sadly they've all gone, the dredded rust monster ate most of them the others got sold due to only being able to acomodate 3 vehicles at a time on me driveway, the missis moans when she has to walk! Shes just swapped her Focus for a 306, women you can't tell em lol. I've only got 2 vehicles now the van and an Evo 8 which I'd happily exchange for a Cossie.
  3. Hiya All

    thanks James!
  4. Hiya All

    thanks me too iv had over 10 of them!
  5. Escort Mk5 Diesel Engine Conversion

    You would need a complete donor car and be very good at mating wiring looms together for a start off, if you were a novice i certainly wouldn't attempt it on your own!
  6. Hiya all, I made this a while back and thought it might be of use to somebody if they're planning to move something with an Escort Van.
  7. Hiya All

    Hi all I'm a trusty old Escort Van owner and a true Ford enthusiast. In the 21 years I've been driving there has always been at least one Ford on my driveway. I think I've had at least one of all the everyday Fords post 1970. I'm looking forward to being part of this community and helping others whenever possible!