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  1. MK3 focus - Yes or No

    Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. I've had a load of cars myself in the past, and always end up looking around and coming back to Fords. I wanted a 5-Series BMW last time, but ended up with a Mk4 Mondeo. So glad I did as I got far more car for my money and the drive is superb. A massive jump from the Mk3 I was used to. I've driven Skoda Octavia VRS (New ones) and while they are nice, the VAG drive quality just isn't there. Will have a look at the ecoboost as it seems to be highly recommended.
  2. MK3 focus - Yes or No

    Hi all, We've had some issues over the last 18 months with a 1.8 Sport Ford Focus, and now is the time to move on. I can't begrudge dealing with it any longer. Now the wife is on a quest to change, and I am at a loss of what to advise. Mondeo is too big, Fiesta is on the small side (and ugly inside) and the focus is the right size. However, with recent experience of the Focus, I am reluctant to get another. I am also not a fan myself, with the Mondeo being more my bag (I have a mondeo). Petrol is all that is required as the car would be a town car with the occasion 15 mile motorway trip to the next town. The thought of a 68bhp car doesn't bode well with me, but what are the best options? Are the Mk3 Focus riddled with issues such as Piston Seals, battery drainage, or banging suspension? Have the issues from the Mk2 been ironed out? How does it compare to the Mk4 Mondeo in terms of being user friendly? I need a car that she can just get on with instead of each week there being something else to moan about with, so I need reliability, but I need it to look as good as a Ford usually does. Help me, please.
  3. Focus Sport 1.8 Mk2 (2006) - Consuming oil

    Thanks for the reply mate.
  4. Hi all My wifes 1.8 petrol (2006 Mk2) is drinking oil like there is no tomorrow. She doesn't do too many miles, but the oil level is dropping quite a lot. I am going to top the oil up tonight to find out how low it is, but it is off the stick. I will also monitor mileage and check weekly to help diagnose. Does anyone have any tips on what I should check as a matter of course? I have read the PCV valve may need changing - where is this located? For reference, there are no leaks and no blue smoke either on startup or running. But the CAT would hide a lot of that too I assume. TIA
  5. Focus Mk2 1.8 Thermostat Replacement

    Petrol engine.
  6. Does anyone have a guide for the replacement of the thermostat on the 1.8 engine in a Mk2? The thermostat definitely needs changing and I have received a quote from a garage that I simply can fathom or afford the charge, not when the part is sub £30 at Euro Car Parts. To confirm the stat needs changing, I have had a bluetooth ELM with DashCommand running while driving, and the temperature was dropping down to 69c when driving on the motorway one night this week. I couldn't get the temp up, even running the engine at high revs. Highest it got to was 72c when driving in the streets back from the Motorway. If anyone could help out with a guide it would be really helpful.
  7. Electrical Gremlin, Instrument Cluster?

    When I had turbo issues with my Mondeo that a highly rated independent couldn't pin down, I bit the bullet and sent the motor into fords. Not only could they diagnose better than the Indy, but they also did it in half an hour and only charged me half and hours labour. An Indy usually charges by the unit, so a 15min job is charged as an hour. Needless to say, I had my Indy bang to rights with a print out from Fords and everything was sorted super quick. I know your issue is different, but I would consider getting Fords to have a look at it as an option. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Hands Free Kits

    Hi all. Looking to add a few extras to the wife's mk2 1.8 sport and starting with adding the Aux input. I'm looking at a few options for installation locations, but before I do I was hoping someone else had added a hands free kit or phone holder to their mk2 and would be willing to share their ideas. My mk3 Mondeo sports a metal bracket next to the stereo which I bolt an iPhone holder too. Hard wired a second hidden cig lighter with a charger plugged in, and the cables for the aux and charger come trough the glove box nice and tidy. Anyone have any nice setups in their focus? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC