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  1. Clutch And Fuel Neck Severe Rust Problems.

    Thank you Neil. I'll wait in anticipation of a cheap fix...................hopefully.
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first thread so please bear with me. My 1999 1.3 petrol Ka clutch pedal fell to the floor but luckily I was outside my house and not on a motorway; I went under the bonnet to look for any obvious sign of leakage and could only find the fault by removing the battery and it's tray and the whole of the air filter box which revealed the fault, The clutch hydraulic hose which connects to the slave cylinder had come away from it's housing. I know I need a new hose but please tell me I don't need to replace the slave cylinder as I know the gearbox has to be split to accomplish this. My second fault is that the area of the petrol neck is severely corroded and I can't get the petrol cap off, not really a drama but the corrosion is so bad that I'm looking for any tradesmen that can carry out a repair as it will definitely fail an MOT. Any help or advice will be very welcome. Thank you