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  1. Why does everyone dive into the expensive options before the cheap option ? Change the plugs but reduce gap to 1 mm know this is a fault but prefer to not tell anyone ...expensive parts instead of set of 1.3 widens over time and causes misfire and coil failure ...set new plugs to 1 mm disconnect battery for 30 mins then start up ...with luck be like new ...worked for me...good luck
  2. Change plugs but set gap to 1 mm instead of the standard 1.3 ...secret ford fault...seems over time the gap will widen and this can cause misfire and coil failure.... Try it could save you a fortune changing coils and leads...worked for me...good's easy to get carried away and looking at expensive options like ECU ?
  3. Change plugs but change gap to1 mm not the standard 1.3 mm seems over time the plugs set at 1.3 mm can cause coil may need to change coil as well....secret given to me by ford mechanic... Worked for me ..good luck
  4. Had similar problem ...garage cleaned fuel filter and back to normal like new
  5. Try this ....reduce gap on plugs to 1 mm ...worked for me... Seems a little known ford secret that the 1.3 gap is to big and after time causes failure in coil....worth a try and may cure your problem
  6. Hi guys had same problem ...changed plugs leads coil joy...then reset plugs to 1mm gap ..hey presto ... Seems ford don't tell anyone this slight fault ...the 1.3 gap can cause coil failure and is often reduced by garages when plugs are changed...hope this helps...especially if you mysteriously lose a spark to any cylinder...usually 3 or 4 ...when you've changed plugs.
  7. Hi All ....I'm back!!!! Just when I thought it was safe to drive the shed again ...HEY PRESTO....... This misfire cylinder 3 spark at all... Changed plugs leads and coil joy ...f****** surprise there then. Can't get shut til this latest expense is sorted...any ideas anyone??? Shed runs but on 3 cylinders only ... Cheers
  8. Called out AA changed battery ..fully charged but had no amps to turn engine over basically battery was shot! ....running ok again but still misfire slightly ...gonna change plugs and leads and hope that's it ... Still a bag of .... Ford Focus.. Never purchase another and getting rid after hols ...Happy Christmas to all and have a Great New Year!
  9. Hi guys .. Just had 3 weeks uninterrupted motoring! But here I am again...engine system fault popped up ... God I missed seeing that...with the customery flashing red light...what this time ... Misfire cylinder 3 ...stopped ..started car again ... Cleared ? Next morning misfiring like hell ... Won't start.?? Any ideas anyone ...last chance now defo getting rid of it when this next expensive repair is done...not kidding myself anymore the FORD FOCUS is the worst car ever stuck together ...
  10. Rebecca ...... Yours is a wiring fault ...had same problems you are describing electrician first before you spend money changing sensors that are ok....wiring harness and a fault on dash caused my problems ...paid out a fortune before found been fine since I had repairs on these items done...getting my belief back in car ...slowly but surely! Get auto spark to look at it first ...good luck ...Paul
  11. Sorry James no pics of for Stooge...ha ha nice one moment answer is yes ....still have no faith in car be a couple of trouble free weeks before I begin to get that back...saying that she's running really well now who knows! But guys don't change any sensor before you get wiring harness and instrument panel checked first ok ....May save you time and a lot of money!
  12. Latest news...back on road... It was wire harness behind dash which caused fault on instrument panel...the fault was throwing up this sensor fault and that...obviously you change them I've spent £770.94p on repairs...2sensors that didn't need changing and repair on wiring harness and instrument panel ...thanks Ford for making such a great vehicle....3days so far!! Will let all know if I survive the week trouble free. Anyone suffering the same faults take it auto electrician first and ask them to check harness and instrument panel ...before you waste money changing sensors that are ok.. Good luck all!!
  13. Still not electrician having a look behind dash at connections so hopefully might find problem. Taking it back regardless tomorrow and will stick it on eBay for parts if not fixed ...decided not throwing good money at this vehicle very good condition so hopefully I can generate a grand to buy an old Bangor that will get me to work. It won't be a ford that's for sure ! Will again keep all updated if a cure miraculously appears ! What I have learnt and will pass on ...don't just replace the sensors when a code is thrown up if limp mode and dash keeps going crazy it's most likely an electrics issue or wiring ...have that checked out before you spend your hard earned cash replacing something that's not broke...
  14. For anyone interested I've completed a Vehicle Safety Defect Report regarding the Focus and sent it to VOSA . If enough people do this Ford will be forced to take action. I believe this vehicle is defective and a safety issue with the limp mode . It's become an issue with me now and I feel angry Ford can get away selling a dangerous vehicle. If anyone has had an accident due to this limp mode and the cars endless faults you really need to log your complaint ASAP. Go to VOSA site and put in vehicle safety defect report .