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  1. Resonance / Vibration

    The new tyres sorted the road noise out for me ! The vibration seems to be comming from the dashboard at the drivers side . Check out the engine bay today and found nothing . Regards John
  2. Resonance / Vibration

    Hi Alan and thanks for the reply ! I'll take a look at that this afternoon . I have had a few minor issues with the car since buying it . That vibration being one of them . The other was road noise from the rear which turned out to be a bad tyre , which was an easy fix thank goodness . Just hope the vibration is just as easy to fix !!! Regards John
  3. Resonance / Vibration

    Hi All . Just new to the forum as I have just bought a 2008 1.6 dtci focus . After driving it for just over a week now I have noticed a vibration / resonance comming from the offside front area when the engine is reving around 1800 to 2000 rpm . Has anyone come acoss this before and is it common ? Also I hope it's something simple to fix . Regards John
  4. New Boy

    Hi all just new to the forum as I recently have bought a 2008 1.6 dtci Focus . . I'm sure I'll will have plenty of questions to ask all of you . The last ford I had was a 1.4 Escort lx . That was many years ago but I loved it . Hope I'll say the same about the focus . Although there are a few wee thing that I need to look at and I hope the members will be able to help . Regards John