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  1. Help In Identification

    So, as I understand the workings, the right is "normal" conduit for running, and they switch for EGR regen? Is it normal for there to be a humming/buzzing noise when key is on? And what about the oil drool? Shouldn't the tubes be clean if system is supposed to not leak?
  2. Help In Identification

    Would it be abusive on my part to ask which is which?
  3. Help In Identification

    Both control air intake??
  4. Help In Identification

    Sorry, i've tried to reload the pic but having a few problems with my tablet. Maybe by description, to the left of the admission system there are two round sensors one has a yellow clip, and the other is brown. They are located near the MAF and have something to do with the Egr (I think).
  5. Help In Identification

    Can anyone help by identifying the sensors in the foto? The one on the left is engulfed in oil drool, is this normal? Many thanks
  6. Help In Identification

    Can anyone help by identifying the sensors in the foto? The one on the left is engulfed in oil drool, is this normal? Many thanks
  7. I´m posting this for informational purposes: I own a mk2 station wagon with "Comfort pack". The other day i noticed that the drivers door wouldn´t keep the car locked, with or without the key in proximity, the darned thing would always unlock! First i tested the electronics - thought that perhaps the keyless entry would be shorting... but no... Then i got a second opinion, took the car to a specialized electrician who confirmed my suspicions. So i took the door apart - and took out the lock. So it turns ou to be a small spring on the latch which wasn´t doing it´s job properly. In the enclosed picture i have pointed ou the spring in red. All i had to do was to "open" the spring arms a little, (be careful with the load) and put it back together!! Working like a charm now!
  8. Library Of Information

    I´m not really sure if this is the right place to post this but.... I found this searching for information on my focus ´06... Hope this is useful:
  9. Connector In Rear Of Centre Console...?

    Ok, so i took a few pix of the connector and found a reference on it being: PBT-GF30... Internet info on this connector leads me to believe that it is used for the mass flow??? what the heck is it doing in the arm rest area? On the diagrams that Preee has submitted, the closest I find is on page 117; 2L1T-14A464-GA (C459 Multifunction Switch) Can anyone help?
  10. Connector In Rear Of Centre Console...?

    Preee, thank you for the diagrams, i will have to study these thoroughly! The precise location for the connector is as in the photo, although it is not a photo from ford, i believe the connector is for a panel like the one depicted.[attachment=9941
  11. Fitting Ashtray Housing Into Mk2 Focus

    Hi my Focus came with the "garage door", the problem i found is the light didn´t switch off when the door was closed... i fixed this by mounting a pressure switch on top of the ashtray housing beneath the door hinge, so now the light is off when the door closes ;) power saving!
  12. Connector In Rear Of Centre Console...?

    Not at the moment, but i can surely take one in a few days. From what i´ve researched this connector is said to be for an entertainment console for the rear seats, but i would like to see if i can use it for anything... so what i really need is a diagram for the wiring.
  13. Hi, i don´t know if this has been addressed before, but recently i found a connector in the rear of my centre console. I would like to know what it is, and if anyone has a pinout description for it. Thx in advance