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  1. Well the word is eureka.....ive only gone and sorted it. I ran a piece of wire from the fuse box to the back but lost all the back lights and dash lights so I reconnected the original wire and went hunting....I started from the fuse box al9ng the wire which was getting warm until I got to beside the passenger seat where it was hot and when I squeezed I heard the boot latch click.....the wires were hidden under plastic so i cut the plastic until I reached the wire where I found 5 wires melted together. I pulled them apart taped them separately then started the car....and low and behold everything came on. I left it running and no hot last. so over the moon with myself for persevering and pushing on when people told me I hadnt a clue....get in!!!
  2. Nice one cheers im going to check it out tomorrow after work.....I will get to the bottom of it lol...
  3. Well as it is the only things that dont work are back passenger light the lights above the number plate and the boot release....
  4. Okay....I have an update....I bought a new fuse board today and plugged it in...I now have interior lights....I opened the boot and unscrewed the light fittings and fiddled with the bulb...the light came on but smoke started to smoke....I isolated the wire so I now know which wire is the problem its going from the fuse board going backwards towards the back of the car....I wonder if its the light fitting itself.......
  5. Well I dropped the back seats and climbed in the boot and sing a screw driver unlocked the boot, but when I close it it still won't work. I think there's a shortage somewhere on the passenger side because while the boot was open I checked the lights by switching bulbs and I now know the bulbs are ok.. So it must be a lack of power getting down that side....process of elimination lol
  6. The boot has a key lock and an internal button, neither work but did last weekend lol. The light on the dash which indicates the door open is on constantly.....
  7. Cheers James.....tbh I'm more concerned about the inability to get into boot or bonnet. Most of the lights are now on and as there isn't a fuse in slot 47 none of them are getting hot. The rear passenger light is out but I think it could be the bulb but I can't open the boot to get at the light housing.....
  8. And the starter relay is the big yellow thing on the fuse board is it not........I got a fuse board from scrapyard and the cluster fitting are the same and they it just a case of moving the fuses around to match the wiring......
  9. Okay......I've been to get a fuse board from scrap yard. All the sockets fit in the right places yet when I turn the key the engine fires without turning it the whole way but that's all, nothing else. Mine has a barcode with H2 on it but the one I got says H5.....I assumed that as long as the connectors were correct it would work.....
  10. Cheers mate, thanks for the help
  11. ......oh and the central locking closes from the passenger side then opens straight away and the electric windows dont work......thats all haha
  12. ok gang so here's where we stand at the minute..... I have 1 rear light, drivers light above the registration....full brake lights, reverse lights and fog lights. I have dash lights and door window lights. cannot turn the key to open the bonnet and the boot wont open via the button or or the key and the door open indicator light remains on........i think thats everything ha....any insight will be helpful especially opening the bonnet etc.......cheers
  13. Yeah....I know lol....and I've never know a car without a bonnet pulley under the dashboard either....can't get under the bonnet to check the earth or in the boot to check the light gets better and better lol
  14. ......and....yes you'll be sick of me soon lol.....the boot now won't open with the button on the dash and the key won't open the boot or bonnet.....grrrrrrrrrrr
  15. an update... Ive played around with the fuses over the weekend and put some charge into a dead battery,anyway, last night i got rear lights and dash lights and the alarm when you leave lights on....eureka i i went to check see if i still had them all on and found three fuses melted......the one for the rear lights and the two side obviously its not sorted.....