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  1. To find a faulty sensor turn them on and lightly put your finger on the main face you should feel a quick pulsing
  2. Take I to a garage and say about possible tyre miss gaping and they will check it on the ramp and will tell you straight away
  3. I think tyres still personally
  4. I had two cases at work today in which tyres miss shaped but yes they do eat bearing so go with that
  5. No problem dude
  6. If they are budget tyres they have probably gone out of shape Wheel bearings will be a whirring noise aswell?
  7. Do you have auto lights ? It could be just a mid communication with the vehicles electronics thinking the lights are on ?
  8. And the turbos can sound fantastic on these
  9. Complain and get something for free !
  10. Ok I didn't see it was a diesel st that should be fine and I'm sure you would The best thing is to test drive the car again and look at the mpg as you drive it see what it reads should be good though The blue minded looks reasonable
  11. I'm sure if your nice to them they will be more than happy to try and help
  12. Hello mate personally I would look at the titanium models as they are the most gadget equipt or the st but they are very thirsty for petrol!
  13. They are idiots for not plugging it in codes are always there.. It's a long shout but my 1.8 diesel surged at about 50-60 turned out to be a split pipe an at that rev range was causing the pipe to reduce air flow and surge until the pipe stopped being sucked tightly sealed
  14. No worries and ok awesome :)
  15. No they are just clips mate and they will just push back into correct position once painted do before and after picture please I'm thinking of this but I might leave a thin silver line around the edge of mine ??