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  1. get the wife told every man needs a toy LoL got a auto electrician coming this aft to find the problem im thinking my self its got something to do with the fuse box !! All will be revealed lata haaha
  2. mines got a intank pump got an auto electrician coming out tomorrow to find the problem will let you know the out come u dont have to grow up to own a classic btw
  3. iv also tried a pump direct to live and earth off the loom but no prime with ignition on im gunna have to trace the loom bk to the fuse box and check for corrosion or a break somewhere,, someone mentioned the interiour switch gives the loom its earth now not sure if thats true hes saying could be a dodgy earth..
  4. Not as of yet im waiting for a mate to turn up with a multimetre will get bk with the voltage if any Thanks
  5. hi guys problem with the 3i no power to the fuel pump the fuel pump is brand new iv ran it from 12v direct powers there iv checked the fuel pump relay thats all fine the fuel cut off switch is all good checked fuel pump fuse all is well does anyone know if the loom from the pump would have a inline fuse any help would be appreciated cheers
  6. thanks fella :)
  7. 92 plate 3i hi to everyone on the forum wayne:)