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  1. I got a couple of looms already but the they are more wires in them than mine, looked for the diagram could find it yet
  2. according stoney it is MK1.5
  3. I did called many unfortunately no luck so far.
  4. I would not know much about it, as I am looking at the log book I can see Category M1 Variant KKDA1E Version 5KAB N3
  5. thanks for your reply, I have already bought a couple of the looms one from Ford Galaxy and another from Mondo but both have more wiring then mine although the same plug.
  6. Hi, I need an engine wiring looms for my C max diesel 2008 manual, so far I could not find a used one and the ford quoted me a fortune for that. in fact I have lost one of the plugs which goes to ECU in an accident so I have to change the whole looms. the code is 8M5T-14K733 VBA. Any suggestion please, john