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  1. Buying Advice

    Hi newbie here Looking for a Mondeo around the £7500-8000 mark. Obviously the best for what I can get (diesel, low mileage, parking assist, new as possible obviously etc). Looks like there are a few around that price range but wanted a few tips really. What should I be looking for in the diesel models? Basics please I am not a mechanic. What models offer the best value/extra's? how easy is it to replace stock radios and add parking sensors (if i cant get one with them already in) I am looking at a couple please let me know your thoughts on price etc 1.8 Zetec 2.0 Titanium (it says econetic but the pics show titanium on the back)also seen a 57 plate 2.2 ST. Looks fantastic and has sat nav and head rest monitors. It was a tradde in at my local ford garage but has no price on it yet. I am going looking at these at the weekend and I am sure I will find more to see. Just not sure what i need to look out for. Thanks Ray
  2. Buying Advice

    OK i have had her for a few weeks now and although i dont do a lot of driving at the moment (will increase after new year). I must say I am very impressed. The 2.0L Diesel engine is very punchy and smooth (a bit noisy but not to bad). Very comfortable seats ( i was worried about this as i am a fan of leather and as this was cloth i was concerned). big car but size is not a problemboot is hugeBluetooth is basic but functionalThe only problem I have is the stereo does not seem to play MP3's, i have tried two CD's which both work in my van (alpine head unit) but say disk error in the CD6000. I was certain this head unit played MP3s but may be wrong. Anyway, all in all very pleased with it.
  3. Buying Advice

    picking her up later this afternoon so will see how she goes.
  4. you can always try Parkers or Honest Johns always my first stop when looking at independent reviews.
  5. Buying Advice

    it is still up at the moment http://www.partxsales.co.uk/cars/1219
  6. Buying Advice

    thanks, i must say I was pleased and surprised.
  7. Buying Advice

    Oh sorry, it is a sub division of the main dealership. Gates the main dealer and they have a small garage opposite the main dealership where they sell selected trade in's. http://www.partxsales.co.uk/
  8. Buying Advice

    Gates in Stevenage.
  9. Buying Advice

    thanks for the info jeebo however I have just gone for a test drive and the car has already got reverse parking sensors (they just forgot to add it in the advert). Anyway I have put down a deposit and will be picking up Friday afternoon. Happy with the deal actually as i didnt realise they added on £274 for admin charges and there would not be any tax. So got them to add 6months tax and waive all the charges and paid £5900
  10. Buying Advice

    OK after guessing and second guessing what vehicle i was going to buy. (from a £20k BMW 520 to a £6k Fiesta). I have decided I am buying two vehicles (one will definitely be a van as I have wanted one for years). The family car will be this mondeo providing the test drive goes well this morning. It has just been reduced by £500 and ticks most of the boxes we want. I only need it for about 3 years so the higher mileage is not a concern. One question I have is that I want to fit some parking sensors, can anyone advise what ones I should buy and how easy are they to fit, and guides or tips etc.
  11. After Market Audio

    OK looking at a mondeo (maybe a focus) and really want satnav BT etc in the vehicle I have been looking at a few on line and EONON keep coming up. I am not usually a fan of cheap equipment but can anyone actually recommend these? OEM look one EONON M1E strugling to find one of these except on foreign sites EONON G2103 someone else mentioned on here but again struggling to find one. Some alternative suggestions also welcome but was looking around the £200 - 250 mark.
  12. After Market Audio

    Cheers for the info slemon123 i expected issues with them as they are so cheap but am surprised to hear that you only had issues with the radio. I have always believed in the saying "if its sounds to good to be true, it probably is" Would be good to hear anyone else's experiences as well.
  13. After Market Audio

    i agree, its similar to the first link i posted. I am most likely getting a Mondeo around the 2009/10 plate so according to their information it should fit. Reading the spec it looks great but has anyone got any experience with their products? How good in the Nav? The bluetooth clarity etc
  14. Buying Advice

    Cheers for the link BOF Stooge, looks a bargain but to be honest I was really wanting something with a lot lower mileage. Also only considered a Mk3 because it was a diesel ST an had good extras etc.
  15. Buying Advice

    OK garage phoned regarding the 57 plate ST £5850 is there any way to get a list of what was installed when it left the factory? Serial number VIN number search etc.
  16. Buying Advice

    i am not part exchanging my BMW so it will be a cash purchase. I will be expecting something off for a cash purchase, will see what happens. I have a few weeks before i need it so have a little time to look. Cheers again BOF
  17. Buying Advice

    cheers BOF When you say a good deal from perrys do you mean that the cars they sell are sub standard or that they are not usually prepared to give any thing off etc.
  18. Buying Advice

    wow, thanks everyone (stooge, BOF and FOCA). That is a lot of very in depth information. My search continues.
  19. Hi all Not got a ford yet but looking for a Mondeo around 2010 in the £7500, 8000 price range (in Hertfordshire). Don't shoot me down but my car history is below (recent first): - 2010 BMW 320i SE Business Edition (black)2001 BMW X5 4.4i V8 Sport (blue)2004 Focus C Max Zetec (Black)2000 Vauxhall Vectra SXi (black)1993 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 CDi (blue)1986 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 GL (red, yuck)Joined so I can get some advice and guidance in purchasing and running the Mondeo Regards Ray
  20. (Soon To Be) Ford Owner

    not sure why i already have a pic in my profile. Guess it is from a football forum i used to use. Once i get my car i will change it.
  21. (Soon To Be) Ford Owner

    certainly am jeebow (however i have my eye on a 57 plate Mondeo ST at the moment). not sure i will get it past the boss though.
  22. Buying Advice

    yeah i like the blue titanium above but not sure if the price is right (£8k) for a 59 plate with 53k miles. I loved the look of the ST and it was extremely comfortable. The toys were nice as well. as it was the 2.2 diesel it apparently about 40mpg. That is pretty good and better than my current car (so should please the wife). My worry is that with the extra power under the hood i wont actually get 40mpg when i drive it.
  23. (Soon To Be) Ford Owner

    hi L666JER The Vauxhalls did me well at the time, young driver cheap to run and insure etc. But i must admit i didnt know what i was missing. The vectra was nice though. The the X5 was a beast and the most fun car I have ever driven. Fully loaded with all the toys and a 2001 model as well. V8 engine was fantastic but at about 15mpg, and about £250 a tyre was a little costly to keep for too long. Here is a pic if people dont mind.