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  1. Focus Dashboard & Limited Power Issues

    Thanks for the replies guys! I have already disconnected the battery and got it working but for how long dno lol. Thanks for the advice, I'm gna nip down to my local garage and get them to check for error codes if what I found is just gibberish, I will also get him to check te battery for me. It looks a bit small for a 1.6 :s not had the car long. Speed sensor is probably the issue tho if that's the side effect. What does it mean when the stereo and odometer stay lit up for ages? Cheers :)
  2. Focus Dashboard & Limited Power Issues

    Hi again, I have just tried the trick to find any fault codes using the dashboard button and upon pressing through test, 8888 and LED I then get the following: r0608 e01 er0608 dt5t66 dt848f Does this mean anything to anyone? :(
  3. Hi there, Recently I've been having issues with my focus. When driving along normally both the rev counter and speedo die on the dashboard and pretty much every warning light comes on. After a short period of time they ususally come back to life (2-5 mins) and the lights go off but the Engine Systems Failiure warning light stays on resulting in reduced power. If i turn the ignition off and back on again everything is normal for a bit (sometimes 30 mins or up to a week or even two??). I have just been to see a freind who has a OBD2 fault code reader, we plugged this in and found "No Stored Faults", upon unplugging the device the car would not start at all?!? If you turned the key every single warning light would stay on and turning the key did nothing?! We disconnected the battery for 10 mins and it then started again? Please can anyone shed any light on this as its driving me insane! PLEASE!! Regards, Mat. P.S dont know if its worth mentioning but sometimes the dashboard and stereo clocks stay lit up for a while after locking the car?