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  1. Mk5 With Lighting And Central Locking Issue

    Is there a fuse a I should be looking for? Have the lights got seperate fuses for each side?
  2. Hi everyone, I've just bought a fiesta mk5 so I joined this forum and this is my first post! So hello! Now my car has a couple of issues, that I would like help with. Firstly, with the lights, the dash clocks don't light up. The needles work and all the warning lights come on, but in the dark I can't see how fast I'm going etc. Also the front left sidelight doesn't work, I've replace the bulb and still nothing. The rear left light cluster, only the indicator works, none of the others do, unless I connect it all to the right hand side and they all come on. So I don't know if the lights on the left hand side are connected somewhere. With the central locking, it only works properly on the passenger door. I can lock the car from both sides but it only opens with the passenger door. Any help is appreciated, I've ordered a Haynes but until it turns up I don't like driving around with only half my rear lights working. Thanks!