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  1. Hi just changed my rear anti roll bar links in my focus estate 2001 it is the new design where it's like the picture I think I have set them up right the plastic goes between the arm and the roll bar and rubbers go in top and bottom but it's knocking really bad any ideas
  2. Hi people I have a Mondeo 2.0 tdci 2003 plate and the oil light keeps coming on ever so often mainly around 3000 rpm I might change the oil switch tomorrow how easy is it hopefully just unscrew and replace new no oil draining etc any help or advice thank you
  3. The bottom one that passes through the roll bar will hav less thread through than the top
  4. So you can't get them the wrong way round they are indentical top and bottom don't matter which way you install them
  5. So does the top thread come out longer at the top than the bottom thanks
  6. Hi everyone a silly question I have changed my front drop links again could you tell me are the 2 threads the same length on the link bars just asking as once tightened up the top bolt has some thread out the bolt the lower one has none but is tight they are correct ones for car compared 3 is this right thanks
  7. Top mount for the suspension spring/shock u Mean also I might try disconnecting the anti roll bar drop links then drive a little see if noise is still there it's hard to diagnose been to 3 garages in total
  8. It's a Y reg petrol focus estate sorry
  9. Hi all I have an annoying clunk knock from front of the car it's been there ages it's more noticeable going slowly over little bumps etc. I have changed the following both wishbones both drop links no broken springs and has passed MOT with no problems if I push on the car up and down can't hear anything any ideas anyone so annoying lovely car apart from that
  10. Hi thanks for that s garage has checked the suspension parts they said its ok I am sure it's from where the rod end goes in and out the rack? Are these prone to anything ie bushes
  11. Hi there my cmax 2010 tdci has started to make a kreacking noise mainly at low speeds also when turning the wheels slowly it's like a clunk I have been under the car it seems to be coming from where the tie rod is and not near suspension parts any ideas common faults Etc. thank you it's done 24000 miles
  12. also do all fiestas have the mass flow sensor wired up or do some not have them at all thanks
  13. hi there i have recently purchased a car a y reg ford fiesta 5 door 1.25 engine. the problem is i never notices but the air flow meter thats just before the air box and also the grey probe thats goes into the air box are not wired up and i cant even fint the wires for it or eveidence of them being cut and hidden away but my mates S reg car all wired up and his wires come from the wiring loom to the right of the engine thats situated in the plastic trunking any ideas if this should have them on or has someone put the wrong air box system on thanks
  14. hi can you tell me how i release the tension on the auxillary belt so i can take the belt off as its making knocking noises when underload i can see the belt jumping around want too take the belt off then start it up and see if noise goes if possible thanks