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  1. Error Code

    No rev problems the car runs fine apart from in the morning it runs a bit lumpy when its cold but when warmed up its fine . ill cheque the breather hose to see if there's a split and go from there . thx for your help .
  2. Error Code

    just had error code P0174 system to lean ( bank 2 ) come up for my 53 plate Mondeo 2.5 v6 Has any one else had this code and if so what was the problem and the fix thx
  3. Electric Mirrors

    Just got my mk3 mondeo back from the garage and the electric folding mirrors wont stop in the right position after ive pushed the button . They go all the way back facing right out push the button again and they fold right in if I push the button wiliest it moving it will stop . any idea's
  4. my mondeo Mk3 53 plate ghia x has just come out of the garage having had some miner work done and now the electric windows will go down with the one push auto down but wont come up with auto one touch . if i keep my finger on the button it will close this is happning to all four windows .can any one help
  5. Mk3 Mondeo 2.5 16V V6

    Thx for the info steve . ive only had her about three months now no problems with her so far shes in for a mot tomorow so fingers crossed .be interested to see what the results are like after the terraclean im thiking of having it done my self only thing is the nearest feller doing terraclean is 80 miles away let us no haw you get on chears.
  6. Mk3 Mondeo 2.5 16V V6

    ok james hear we go mk 3 53 plate one of the first face lift model's in that year mondeo ghia x 2.5 24V V6 FFSH 11 staps in book 107.000 miles . the car run's sweet as a nut just would like to no of any problems it might suffer with if you can help that would be grate thx
  7. Mk3 Mondeo 2.5 16V V6

    ok girls claws in so i made a few mistakes on my introw carm down
  8. Hi just got my self a v6 mondeo can any one tell me of any well none problems the car can have she's done 107.000