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  1. Auxilary Location

    Hi, I have a Ford CMAX 2006 reg and I have notices there is an auxilary button on the radio and the thing is I can not find where the port is does anybody know where it is located? I have spent 30 just looking for it but its not there. :(
  2. 1.6 Tdci Losing Power - Mystified!

    Hi, I had the same problem with my Cmax before, the problem was that my car had a dirty throttle body and a very dirty air filter. Open the bonnet and see the throttle body and air filter they are easy to clean specially for the Cmax without the need to see the mechanic. Here is a link for the throttle body just copy and paste the link : This is a link for the air filter. after cleaning those my car was fine. After cleaning those see if it fixes it. if it does not and the problem is still there you may as well go to the mechanic because sometimes other parts of the engine needs replacing or cleaning.
  3. Heater And Gauge Problem

    They should do it for free. They updated my CMAX for free and also explain to them the problems that has been happening.
  4. Heater And Gauge Problem

    if it is a 05 to 07 cmax reg go to ford or a a garage and ask them to update your ECU ive have problems with the gauges but i do not know about the heater though :(
  5. Mass Airflow Location?

    Okay im going to have a look and ill also take a picture just incase I miss it :)
  6. Mass Airflow Location?

    Hi, I have a Ford CMAX 06 and I have been cleaning the throttle body and replaced the filter. The problem is that I am not able to locate the MAF sensor. It is usually close to the air filter box I have seen a few youtube videos but my MAF sensor is not there. Does anybody know where it is? :(