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  1. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    Have you checked you oil feed to the turbo for blockages carbon build up?
  2. My Focus 1.6Tdci Hybrid Turbo

    Will do mate, things will be a little slow up to Xmas but my shopping list is finally finished with the turbo so just a question of fitting and tuning. Oh and buying a blooming Kevlar clutch. :-/
  3. My Focus 1.6Tdci Hybrid Turbo

    All in all with the air tec gen 3 intercooler and stainless exhaust I'm aiming for a reasonable 160/170 Bhp without causing lag due to the vain also being reworked
  4. Well I've finally managed to convince a turbo specialist to build me a hybrid turbo for my Psa engine. Carbon should be less of an issue since the egr and Dpf delete and removal but I've managed to source a modified hose for the turbo which has the inline oil filter that is accessible so can be cleaned and replaced to prevent the well know oil blockages
  5. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    That's exactly what mark lord was saying if you read it right ! The only benefit in his entire post mentioned about a diesel EGR is it stables idling because it reduces over feeding of air (at idling) I myself thought what he put was pretty spot on. You must've have too because you've more or less repeated the latter comments of his post .
  6. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    If it makes ya feel any better I haven't got a clue how a flux capacitor works
  7. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    Ha ha sorry if you look at oxygen generation it involves a type of filtration and knocking out the nitrogen particles from the air which leaves not much else except for oxygen in high levels pair this with a inverter controlled compressor and you could Force oxygen into combustion at massive levels plus it would work for fuels that aren't as combustable as diesel or petrol. And not a egr in site ha ha
  8. Adding Additives

    Ha ha maybe but that's cause you can't smell my feet , they definitely need some sort of additive :-)
  9. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    Ha ha not half pal they're ripping out parts of a building only a year after spending millions on it. And guess what they're now putting in what I advises in the first place :-). Yeah love learning too pal . If I had the money I'd love to look at developing a forced induction using a oxygen generator on a Ecu controlled inverter as an alternative type of forced induction. Ha ha as you can expect when I say some money we are talking millions
  10. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    Ha ha I'm a qualified sparky too it's one of my trades I had to be multi skilled over the years. The only difference between us mate is I'm now a engineering 'consultant' for the government which basically means I tell them how to do things and they do what they like :-/ so I have way too much spare time to read and research and an ipad :-)
  11. Adding Additives

    Cheers guys found it makes life easier than trying to grow a third arm with a screwdriver in each :-)
  12. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    Ha ha just healthy heated debate :-) at least we can all agree that modding is a passion... I hope :-/ I've been in engineering since I left school all too long ago now but I'm still learning I'm sure you know lots I don't. But that's the beauty of a forum like this that experience and opinions can all be different and you can learn from it all and then go your own way with it. :-)
  13. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    And to clarify how can the exact same car with rear disc and a addition. 400cc weigh the same ? I'm pretty sure it must be lighter ? The all round disks bothers me a little when I have rear drums but the majority of braking is with the front,anything between 70/30 upto 90/10 distribution dependent on load and passengers etc. i can't keep repeating myself, I appreciated your opinion on your choice of going down the 2.0litre but that's upto you, I was wanting to something different. There's been a few projects previously done with the fiesta and one was 230 but another did 250 which was more recent and the engine stayed a 1.6 because the sleeves and bore wouldn't fit with the spare space on the block.
  14. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    I never said it would clean the egr I said it would clean the carbon that the egr helped put there. I'm not that stupid :-) the egr has emission through it so of course by then the additive has been used. If I was wanting to clean my egr I would use egr cleaner but I can't see the point when it's been deleted and blanked off
  15. Egr Blanking Ford Focus

    Even after the Dpf work I did mine myself and I can still tell a difference even though I've had it remapped. 20minute job with the Guide Lenny posted and the blanks are less than a fiver for the stainless steel ones from eBay. Some garages tell you it's not required after the delete because they're actuated rather than a spring lever but they still pass under boost as I discovered with mine