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  1. I've only ever used a kwik fit once in an emergency when a radiator blew in an old Peugeot. Good to know though, cheers Sean
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. Saved me from making a potentially critical error
  3. Fair enough mate I'll avoid them then. Cheers man
  4. Oh ok then lol. I take it you don't rate the diy recharge kits?
  5. Hi. Can someone please tell me where's the aircon recharge port on a mk 7 Zetec s? Thanks
  6. Has anyone used Elite Remaps before? They claim to increase the power of the 1.6 Zetec s by 20 bhp, more than Superchips (13 bhp). Just wondered if they're any good. Thanks.
  7. I think I'll just get one and see what happens. Cheers guys
  8. Ah ok then. Does it make a big difference to throttle response because that's all I'm after really
  9. I read somewhere that the oil from these filters can get into the intake and damage sensors. Is this true?
  10. Never heard of the titan. This is probably going to sound dumb but what's offset?
  11. Cheers dude :-) I like my alloys. Your car looks cool, what model is that?
  12. Thank you :-)
  13. Thanks a lot dude! :-)
  14. Awesome cheers mate. Also, the standard tyres are 205,40,r17s is it with spending a bit more on wider profile tyres, so the total diameter would be larger. Would this make a difference to speed or handling? I know the Speedo would be slightly out of sync but just wondered if it would affect acceleration time or anything
  15. Does anyone have experience with