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  1. HI had a play today .... I could not get any voltage read out on meter on the empty fuse holders so I had to tap into one it was a 15amp fuse for data link that ok to use.. what does it do ........... that one is on all the time .....was getting about 15 volts thou unless my meter is wrong .... thought battery was 12volts ....
  2. HI thanks so I just set the meter to 12v dc and just see if it reads 12v while off .... I can just plug in the tap adaptor and see if that reads 12v no need to go near the fuse box lol which fuse is for what feed top new feed bottom for fuse box I take it ... I was wondering why there was two on there
  3. Hi thank you mine just says unused on my manual hopefully .... its the same as your always on tad nervous using a meter .....probing in the fuse box to be honest... quick plug in and check sends me a 12v feed ....with car off... fingers crossed....
  4. Hi what fuse position did you use mate.... I want one that's always on manual says I have a few free can I use them like 20,22,30,31 are not used ..which one have you used any help for a novice would be much appreciated thank you